Hillel Preschool is proud to be a 5-Star Preschool, which is the highest rated license standard of North Carolina. Our fabulous teachers hold the highest level degree of education, our classroom environment is outstanding, and we offer the highest standards of student to teacher ratios.


 What does this mean for a Hillel Student?

  • Teacher-to-student ratios are very low. This allows the teachers to create relationships and provide individualized attention.

  • Children are provided with a variety of materials to play and learn with. Children explore an ever changing environment that keeps him/her interested in learning.

  • The highest sanitation practices are followed by staff and students. Children’s needs are met in a positive and timely manner.

  • Children will have many opportunities throughout the day for free play. During free center time children are able to develop cognitive, motor, and social skills.

  • Foundations for strong reading and literacy skills are an important part of the day, and such efforts are geared to each child’s current level of development.

  • All lead teachers have a degree in early childhood education or the equivalent.

  • All teachers continue to attend classes and conferences to keep up-to-date on the latest in early childhood practices.


For more information on the 5-Star Program Accreditation, please click here.