At Hillel Preschool, our main objective is to create an engaging environment for a young child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our goal is to provide children with the early foundation and framework to prepare them for the transition to elementary school.

At Hillel Preschool we endeavor to:

  • Encourage your child to make choices, with respect towards him/herself, others and his/her surroundings. This helps develop your child's self esteem, self-efficiency and belief in him/herself.

  • Nourish your child’s heart and mind, as we develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, so that your child will be a well-rounded person capable of solving problems and adapting to new situations.

  • Explore their fascination and curiosity of the world around by providing the opportunity for discovery of themselves as independent and inquisitive learners.

  • Educate your child in a creative, supportive, and a warm Jewish environment, so that your child will not only develop a strong Jewish identity, but will learn to love it too!



Self expression in a group format is the best way to describe the foundation of our philosophy. Each child is blessed with their own unique personality and skill set. At Hillel, we treasure that individuality and try to strengthen it according to the students own pace. Yet, at the same time we also put much effort and care into teaching social skills, such as how to interact with both adults and other children, and how to be yourself in a crowd.

Every classroom has its own curriculum based upon the students age and level. Yet keeping the student-teacher ratio at a minimum, causes each child to get the personal attention they need to make general studies, become personal goals. Children learn best with interactive and hands-on activities, as such, many of the projects we complete can be seen in their classroom, or taken home and proudly displayed to friends and family.

At Hillel Preschool, we believe …

  • Home is the most important factor in a child's development. We will always strive to support and complement the family in order to promote healthy development of children and parents.

  • Loving, trusting, and respecting each child makes that child capable of loving, trusting and respecting others.

  • Each child should be guided and encouraged to have a positive self-image.

  • Children need a nurturing, safe, and happy environment with which to explore their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

  • Play is the work of children and through it children discover the world around them.

  • Children deserve to have teachers whose attributes and virtues enable them to be excellent role models.

  • Each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care. This concept is what governs our school's educational approach.

  • Emphasis is placed on the individual child and on encouraging each child's imagination and thirst for knowledge.



Every classroom has two highly accredited teachers who, through their devotion, patience, and care, comes a curriculum which caters to each child’s developmental pace. With each child at his/her own level, the teachers "bring the classroom to them" by engaging every child’s specific strengths. This personal attention ensures that every project is the students own creation.

The teachers guide the children, promoting active learning, problem-solving, discovery of friendship, and exploration of their new expanded learning world. The classroom is a family in which Jewish values are modeled and reinforced through structured and unstructured activities. We encourage the most important work for young children -- creative play. Every day, this is accomplished with art, music, stories, language, Jewish living, and hands-on study.

Being a Jewish institution, we incorporate in our curriculum some of the beauty of religion and Jewish Culture. We set out to impart a faith and trust in G-d and His Mitzvot (Divine Precepts) and to nurture a love for the Torah, Israel, and all things Jewish. Ivrit (Hebrew) is introduced through song, games and simple conversation, to become part of our students everyday routine.

Because our goal is to provide a fun and safe setting, where children really do love to learn and learn to love, our classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art preschool furnishings. and we have our own ergonomically designed playground with special outdoor equipment.