Curriculum Day

Hillel Preschool invites you to our annual…


Curriculum Day!!

Friday, September 18  

We strongly encourage both parents from each family to attend. The older children will eat an early lunch and enjoy outdoor play with the assistant teacher and a substitute. The Bagel Bouncers will play outside first thing in the morning while parents attend the presentation.  Your Teacher will go over the curriculum she uses in the classroom, demonstrate ways that learning occurs through play as well as through some structured learning activities.  It is a great opportunity to ask questions and gather more information.  Your participation will help to create a continuum between home and school


9:15-9:40     Bagel Bouncer Presentation

12:00-12:25 Super Star, Mitzvah Maven Monkeys and Torah Tykes Classroom Presentations

12:30-1:00   Shabbat Party


* Prospective parents welcome as well.